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James’ 6th + 7th Months

Well, the last two months have been insane. So I missed James’ 6th month post. Instead of doing two separate posts, I’m just going to combine 6 and 7 together, because somehow he’s ALREADY SEVEN MONTHS OLD. What?!

April was crazy. My business went from zero to 100 at the same time I was teaching a chemistry class for CSW outside of Boston. Between all the business and the class, we were back and forth to MA a lot, but it was nice at the same time because the kids got extra time with their dad, and that’s never a bad thing.

I finally caved and decided to buy a new vehicle at the end of April from a dealership. It’s my first time having a car payment in about 9 years, so that’s a bummer, but I had reached the end of my car rope, so to speak, haha. The kids and I are loving “CeCe the CRV” and have already logged over 3,000 miles in the month I’ve had it.

We have spent as much time as possible outside, with lots of visits to the beach with friends, or by ourselves, and we’ve had some fun outdoor adventures! I think one of our favorite adventures was Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park in Freeport!

Earlier this month I accepted a high school teaching position for this fall, and I’m super excited about it, but now I feel like I need to make this summer count extra! God is so good, and I’ve been so blessed these last two months.

Here’s a fun update on the kiddos! It’s been so fun to see how different James is from when Lily was a baby!

  • We celebrated our first Easter as a family of three, and my first Mother’s Day as a mama of two!
  • James is officially crawling now. He went from rocking in place back in April to full blown crawling in the last couple of weeks!
  • We got to see family at a fun dinner to see my brother, Jack, before he deploys for 9 months to Poland. While we were there, we took updated large family photos for my parents as an anniversary gift. We tend to do this about every five years now it seems 🙂
  • James’ favorite book is Never Touch a Monster.
  • He absolutely loves music and dancing.
  • His favorite toys are his blocks. I swear, that boy will just bang those blocks together all day and be so happy!
  • James has outgrown his bouncy seat and his infant tub! Now he takes baths like a big boy and loves it! I’ve also started giving Lily and James baths together and they both think it’s the most incredible thing ever. It’s pretty dang sweet!
  • We had fun birthday celebrations with friends for my 31st birthday 🙂
  • James’ bottom two teeth are officially up and all the way through.
  • He loves to laugh and is VERY ticklish 🙂
  • He stopped sleeping through the night about six weeks ago, so that’s been incredibly tough. We started sleep training last night, and it’s going to be so good for our little family.
  • He loves to eat. He’s eating solids really well, and learning all about chewing, haha.
  • Lily is still absolutely in love and very aggressive in her love, haha. She doesn’t give him much personal space, still, and she loves to play with him and read to him!
  • James is officially taking the bottle like a champ, and it’s so fantastic!
  • We’ve discovered that James loves to straight up eat dirt and sand. So, when we started building our gardens I had to contain him in the stroller while Lily and I prepped the garden and planted, so that James wouldn’t just be eating dirt.
  • He loves riding in the carts at the grocery store and Target, and loves riding in the stroller too. He’s such a big boy now!
  • Because of all the traveling for work and Lily drop-offs with Steven, we’ve seen a lot of Grammy and Auntie as they’ve helped with childcare!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last two months!

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