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I regret not having newborn photos taken

As a photographer, it’s kind of weird that I didn’t actually think to plan this part through. I hired an INCREDIBLE photographer to document the birth of Lily, but that’s where the planning ended. We didn’t have newborn photos taken, and I totally regret that decision.

Don’t get me wrong, there was NO shortage of photos being taken of Lily during those first weeks of her life. Steven did an incredible job getting a lot of photos of Lily while we were in the hospital. I’m so so grateful for those (like the one below!). I was in no position to do that myself. We have lots of photos of Lily as a baby but there are barely any of the three of us. (My father-in-law said to me recently “you must have thousands of photos of Lily at home.” To which I enthusiastically said “yes!” )

Lily in the hospital! 🙂

When Lily was three or four months old, we got a family photo taken by JCPenney. That year my mom wanted an updated extended family photo, and then breakouts of each of the smaller family units. I jumped on that opportunity, despite it not really being my style, haha. I don’t even have a digital copy of it, just the 8×10 print.

That photo is one of my most favorite images we have and is on display in my bedroom.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me to get official newborn photos done. This is something I want everyone to know – getting photos done professionally as a new family unit is something you’ll be SO glad you did.

(Now I try to make it up for it as much as I can, by getting family photos of the three of us regularly!)

In home lifestyle newborn session by Linda Barry Photography.

Take it from someone who didn’t, and wishes she could turn back the clock and get newborn photos taken.

I don’t think I actually knew how much photos of the three of us together mattered to me until Lily was a few months old.

It’s one of the reasons I LOVE doing lifestyle newborn sessions now so much! They’re one of my favorites because I know firsthand how fleeting that season of life is. It’s so important to have photos of you and your partner, and your newest babe.

Boston lifestyle newborn photos by Linda Barry Photography. We did Evelyn's newborn session in the comfort of their own home!

So please, if you’re expecting a baby, really really consider investing in newborn photos. That stage isn’t just about the baby. It’s about you and your partner. One day you’ll look back and be so proud of making it through that tough season. You’ll be so proud of the little miracle you’ve created.

Are you looking for someone who is skilled at working with newborns? Who can capture your family just as you are in those first weeks after bringing your child home? I’d be honored to be considered! You can contact me here!

Linda is a Portland-based photographer specializing in weddings and creating family legacies from Portland to Boston and across New England. You can see more of her work online at lindabarryphotography.com, on Instagram, or on Facebook. If you want to reach out directly: linda@lindabarryphotography.com.

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